Welcome to Software Tools, a web site where I list (and eventually blog about) the software I use every day  — and could not easily live without. I got the idea for this site from a couple of other great lists:   Noah Coad’s Ultimate Tools List and Scott Hanselman’s Ultimate Tools List. While I’m sure there will be some overlap between those lists and mine, there will be quite a few differences as my needs are different than theirs. While I do some programming (mainly in python and php), the main use of my computer is designing and maintaining web sites and writing tabletop roleplaying games. I also run both Windows 7 Pro and Linux, with Linux running in a VMWare Workstation VM in unity mode, so I will also cover some Linux software.

In some ways Software Tools will be like a blog I maintained for several years, Software Gadgets. However, it will not require me to go out and find all sorts of new software all the time as it will focus on the software tools I actually use. Finding new software can be fun, but as I found out with Software Gadgets, it can be hard to find new and truly useful software a couple of time a month (let alone a couple of times a week). For this site, all I have to do is talk about the tools I actually use.